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Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk Guide

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What are asbestos fibers and asbestos? Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring, fibrous minerals. Asbestos was widely used in previous years in building materials. Unfortunately, research has shown that asbestos fibers can cause major breathing problems as well as *cancer. These old, brittle asbestos products can also release tiny, even microscopic, fibers. These fibers can remain suspended in the air and enter the lungs of individuals when they inhale around the areas where the fibers have been released. These hazardous, airborne asbestos fibers are not easily detected because they have no odor or taste. Because of the health risks, the federal government has banned the use of asbestos in certain products, but it can still be used in some others deemed to have controlled the risk through the manufacturing process.  What are some common sources of asbestos? You are probably wondering where asbestos can actually be found, indoors. Asbestos can be found in deteriorating, damaged, or agitated materials — in… Read More »Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk Guide